Friday, April 2, 2010

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  1. But in all instances, be suspicious of any man with a $500 Bill! They're not in circulation anymore, (and are certainly worth more than $500)! Ergo, it's likely a trick & a ploy. But any day of the week, you can see idiots & fools 'making it rain' on strippers & 'dancers' of certain types in strip bars that would easily exceed that amount on an average 'eve'. Depending on circumstance & clientele. Cheers, 'VJ'

  2. VJ - I didn't know the $500 bill was no longer in circulation. I was simply trying to come up with a high enough dollar for my example to have parity. Thanks for letting me know - you learn something new every day.

  3. Yep, I think they took everything less than the $100 out by the 1940's Grerp. But people will do almost anything for enough money, which is the point. Cheers, 'VJ'

  4. Great post. Problem is that that most women nowadays think they have the absolute right to act and dress however they like and it's a man's problem if he is attracted to it.
    You cannot talk to feminists.

  5. Agree with Charming Disarray... if a man behaved that way, any halfway intelligent or decent woman would just get the hell away from him. Believing that his obnoxiousness gives her the right to steal his money is ridiculous.

    I'm guessing we won't see a bit of friendly advice to men anytime soon to just avoid annoying women who tease?

  6. So much truth in your post! I went to a private (catholic) high school, and even then the level of teasing by some of the girls was nothing short of obnoxious.

    However what annoyed me the most was the double standard as enforced by the people who claimed to care first and foremost about our formation as persons. For example, a guy who would show up in class wearing shades, or those ridiculously loose cargo pants (you know the ones), showing perhaps an inch or two of some even funnier looking boxers, would be publicly, seriously berated by the headmaster. I even got a few remarks from the teachers because according to them my hair was too long, and partially covered my eyes...

    ..But it was perfectly okay for the girls to wear low-rise jeans even though, especially when coupled with tangas, they could certainly prove to be a distraction... Imagine being a 15-years-old boy and having to focus on the greek test while on your line of sight is also a window on the ass of an attractive female classmate. Or taking math notes while the girl who's being quizzed casually adjusts her (visible) bra straps or bends on the teacher's desk, bringing her ass (clad in adequately form fitting pants, of course) practically inches in front of your face.

    This kind of behaviour by the girls during lessons was never even brought up for discussion as far as I know. I felt like we were implicitly being told that we should consider it normal and just learn to deal with it... somehow. Sadly I think most of us did (become accustomed to it). Personally it just made me grow disgusted with my female "peers".