Thursday, July 24, 2014

Piece of Advice #111: Bypass Craigslist Casual Encounters

The big news in my neck of the woods this last week has been the triple homicide that resulted from a Craigslist Casual Encounters sex meetup gone wrong.

Police are being somewhat mum still, but only hours after Brady Oestrike fled a police chase, slammed his car into a highway barrier, and shot himself, and the police recovered the body of 18-year-old Brooke Slocum and her unborn baby from his trunk, people online were already making connections between Slocum and several Craigslist postings from June and July.

Apparently, Slocum, 8 months pregnant with her boyfriend Charles Oppeneer's baby, arranged to meet Oestrike with Oppeneer at a park for sex. Oppeneer's headless body was found on Wednesday, July, 16, and a search for Slocum was carried out and ended with the aforementioned chase, crash, and suicide.

I've covered stranger danger here at  TLAoS-PfW and have argued against Craigslist as a good place to look for love or sex, even. As I've explained to my 10-year-old son, repeatedly, you do not know who is on the other end of an internet chat, and it's imprudent to meet anyone you don't know in anywhere other than a very public place (and never without adult supervision). From interviews with Slocum's family members, it seems this was not a first encounter for Brooke Slocum. She'd been augmenting her income through Craigslist for awhile - until she met the wrong guy and was murdered.

This story is depressing on so many levels. You have Slocum and Oppeneer strange relationship (Oppeneer had two children from a previous failed relationship) and plans to co-parent, with or without the third party Slocum was seeking out for true love (?). So there's three children with precarious futures because clearly these two weren't going to make it as a couple. And then there's Slocum's apparent attempt to hold on to her boyfriend by including him in other sexual adventures. She's an attractive enough young woman with her whole life ahead of herself and this is the best arrangement she can create for herself?

Additionally, you have Slocum's family who could not control her behavior. Her father was quick to say in interviews that Brooke "wanted love" and to justify his daughter's behavior as a desperate attempt to "keep her new family together." Based on Brooke Slocum's online profile's, it's obvious that her home life had taken a few beatings long before she signed up on Craigslist. She was writing letters to her unborn baby, Audi, explaining why she met men on Craigslist for sex.

Who does that? Not anyone who's had healthy parent-child relationships patterned for her.

And then there's the killer Oestrike who is more of a cipher at this time. It appears he had used Craigslist before for role playing stuff (that he paid for). He seems strange, lonely and obsessed with weaponry, particularly guns, but not a poster child for triple homicide. And where did he put Oppeneer's head? Police have taken apart Oestrike's car part by part, and gone through his house, ripping apart furniture and walls. I suppose we will have to wait some time to get a reason for why Oestrike took it in his head to murder Oppeneer and Slocum.

It's not surprising that in a country when we have government subsidized Planned Parenthood employees educating 15-year-old girls about rough sex and bondage, you eventually get young women comfortable enough with prostitution to turn to it for money. It's also not surprising that, given the divorce rate, many young people are insufficiently supervised and get into trouble. But how sad and unnecessary this all is.

I hope that any young readers of this blog will think twice about their safety before they go anywhere with people they don't know and will skip Craigslist Encounters altogether. 


  1. Hello Grerp --
    A grim subject indeed... but it's good to see you're still alive and posting. I hope you, hubby and son are all well.


  2. I was right there with you till the last two paragraphs. Rough sex and bondage don't magically turn people into prostitutes. That's just you being super judgey to people who have kinkier sex than you do.

  3. Honestly, I don't think Planned Parenthood should give any kind of "sex positive" advice to underage minors, period. Not about S&M, bondage, role playing, any of it. Kids who cannot take care of themselves, let alone a baby, should not be encouraged to have sex by unrelated strangers.

    But it's okay if you think I'm super judge-y. Everyone is.

    1. Lmao they don’t. Clearly you’ve never been to planned parenthood as a teen. I was with you until that part too. At that point you’re just lying.

  4. Thank you, gdgm+ - the past couple of years have been...challenging...but we are all well.

  5. It's not the rough sex and bondage that are the problem--it's the fact that 15 year old girls are being introduced to those things via taxpayer dollars. Rough sex and bondage need to be practiced by mature people who have a healthy view of sexuality and who can respect other people's limits. Most 15 year olds don't fit into that category. I regard rough sex and bondage (and sex itself) the same way I regard Rated R or porn movies--things that can be appreciated by mature adults, but which need to be kept away from the barely pubescent.

  6. So very glad to see you post!

  7. Nice to see you again Grerp. Krazy crime story. I have zero sympathy for almost all of the participants: girl, boy, girls father, killer guy. All lost causes even before this. The only bit that saddens me is the unborn child, little thing never had a chance.


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