Thursday, March 25, 2010

Piece of Advice #10: Toss your women's magazines

They primarily contain:

  • Articles about how to spend lots and lots of money to look sorta like every other "fashionable" female out there
  • Articles about how to become a more proficient unpaid prostitute
  • Advice on subjects of no weight
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Interviews with famous people doing bad impressions of being just like regular folks
  • Horoscopes
  • Bitter humor that takes digs at other people, often husbands, boyfriends, and other men
  • Copious advertising designed to make you feel like your life doesn't measure up
  • Leftist political propaganda on the "plight" of the poor, helpless modern woman
In effect, you are paying someone to teach and persuade you to be more grasping, nosy, unkind, vain, shallow, unsatisfied, and angry.  Is this what you want?  Yes, there are recipes, often for foods that require expensive ingredients or accompanying wine.  Yes, sometimes there is basic financial advice.  Yes, occasionally they profile people who are doing things that actually make a difference (though you must sift through the canonizations of abortion rights protesters, NOW activists, and aging malcontent feminist "heroines").  But you can get all that online, for free, and without the other garbage.

Magazines are shiny and pretty and tempting, but there is almost nothing edifying to be found within their covers and a great deal of poison that will kill you eventually if consumed.  The best place for them is in your wood-burning stove.  Once they are gone, you can start the process of deprogramming and thinking for yourself.


  1. I would also suggest avoiding Men's magazines like Maxim and Stuff. They give a very inaccurate and juvenile view of what most men are like, and what they like in women. They also do damage to men's self image, because they start comparing themselves and their lifestyle to the oversexed college fratboy lifestyle these magazines promote. Not to mention they airbrush every single woman in the magazine, even the supermodel types who need no airbrushing. A guy may as well get hot over a cartoon character as real as those women are.

  2. As usual I am enjoying you immensely. About the womens magazines? Well I do gather one occasionally, especially if it contained tidbits about Twilight and its crew. But other than that, I agree, they are a waste of money that can be spent in other ways.

  3. Great blog.

    I think magazines in general are pretty poor reading material, with a few highbrow exceptions.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement - it is very appreciated. It's interesting to hear that men's magazines are sub-par in content too. My husband sometimes gets magazines like Scientific American, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and National Review from the library - I will glance through them sometimes before recycling them. Well, not Entrepreneur.

  5. Prophetic advice! I have posted your blog post in various places in the past few years :) Thanks!

  6. My wife and I have a small group of highly educated married friends. None of the women cook. Ever. Cooking is a task assigned by the white slave master, and it is symbolic of the endless degradation of women by men throughout history. They could never accept your advice.

    BTW, I think that the epidemic of obesity among children and adults is the direct consequence of women BOTH choosing not to cook AND making it clear that cooking is the most demeaning thing that a perso could possibly be made to do.