Thursday, March 18, 2010

Piece of Advice #5: Don't volunteer for single motherhood

Throughout history there have always been single mothers - widows, jilted wives, women who were raped and conceived, women who got pregnant and had no options or couldn't bear to be separated from their children so they braved social ostracism.  My grandmother was a single mother for most of her children's childhood - her husband was permanently disabled and in care for years.

This was never an ideal situation.  Never.  But as long as these single mother-headed households remained a small minority of families and there were uncles, grandfathers, or other men available as role models, it was not a catastrophe for children.  It was just another bad circumstance to survive.  Poverty was likely, but criminality not so much.

Now of course women feel entitled to be mothers - at any time, under any circumstance.  This is sheer folly and hubris.  Fathers are not optional, they are necessary for all children.  Women who go the sperm bank route place their own needs and wants over those of their children - the #1 no-no for any mother.  Unwanted pregnancies are another story, but it isn't as if women do not have options these days - birth control, abortion, and adoption are advertised continuously, and all are readily available.  Yet single motherhood seems today to be almost the "brave" choice now, instead of a shortsighted and selfish one.

For women who are not swayed by moral arguments or who do not believe that men are necessary to properly and adequately bring up a child, here's one more thing to ponder: having a child severely handicaps your ability to make the best marriage you can with a guy who is at least middle class, emotionally and financially stable, and of good market value.  Very few guys want to raise children who are not theirs biologically, and your child is infinitely less safe with a man in the house who is biologically unrelated to them.  You want to work harder than you have to, struggle with money and living arrangements, age before your time, and experience significant emotional stress?  Have a baby on your own.  If you'd rather start your life on a simple, easier, less stressful track, don't have a baby if you are not married.

My advice for an unwanted pregnancy - consider adoption.  Your child will very likely thank you someday for making a more stable choice for his future and for sparing his life so he might live it.


  1. I cannot imagine a sane man who would like to have a LTR with a woman who has chosen to become a single mother by choice. She has demonstrated that she has very low regard of men.


  2. Just happened upon your blog! I am so happy I did!! Great posts! I wish I could share this w/ my single friends but I don't want to be a nag :/

  3. Hello, I am one of the more serious antifeminist men. I am patently against anything that goes against God's directives to the True Remnant of Israel, that is to say the Caucasian people (for we did, indeed, cross Asia). My forebears hail from the old Teutonic kingdoms, and I bear the shield of my forefathers that we have had for one thousand years. In other words, I am very grounded in long-term, timeless Truth. Your blog here (and particularly this page) is very impressive, and you show much intelligence and understanding, to be a lady in the modern day who has so calculated beyond the deception of our enemies, the enemies of the family, and the enemies of God.

    Everything that you have to say about a real man's opinion is 100% spot on! I did not go to war to earn my place as a man, nor have I sweated and slaved to lose everything I have for marrying a slut. Thank God there's some women like you out there speaking the Truth. You are doing a very noble thing, to help all different kinds of people against the corruption of the corporate media system, secret government societies, and their paid lackeys pretending to be revolutionaries. I would wager that the feminazis hate and despise your existence with a great fervor. "For blessed are you, when all manner of men shall curse you, for My Name's sake."

    -EvilsOfFeminism from YouTube

  4. Love this blog, although it looks like you stopped somtetime in March. Too bad. Not sure I agree with "infinitely less safe with a man in the house who is biologically unrelated to them" though. I would throw myself in front of a train for my step son, and he, his mother and my two "bios" know it.

    1. It is somehow irritating when folks counter perfectly great statements with their anecdotal examples.
      Mr. Anonymous, get this: there will always be exceptions. It is possible that a guy could fall from a 10-storey building, fall headlong and still live. BUT that is an exception, not the rule.
      So the statement that kids are "infinitely less safe with a man in the house who is biologically unrelated to them" is true, though you could jump before a speeding train to save your stepson.